Why Are My Pinterest Boards Not Showing Up?

Whether you use Pinterest for business or for pleasure, you’ve no doubt run into the case of missing Pinterest Boards. The collection of pins you worked so hard on is suddenly missing. Panic sets in and you frantically start wondering why are my Pinterest boards not showing up?

When a Pinterest board is not showing up on your account, it could be one of these causes:

  • You may have accidentally deleted it.
  • The board may have been removed by Pinterest.
  • It may be a temporary glitch.
  • The owner of the board removed it.
  • Your account was hacked.

How can you tell which one happened on your account? Let’s take a closer look at why a Pinterest board may disappear.

How to Find Missing Boards on Pinterest

In order to find the missing boards, you need to figure out why they disappeared in the first place.

  1. You may have deleted it accidentally.

If you notice one or two boards not showing up in your account, it may be because you have deleted them unintentionally. Yes, it can possibly happen. To avoid this, always be cautious in pressing buttons. Make sure to read the pop-up messages first before proceeding.

  • The board may contain images that violate the Pinterest policy

In case you are missing a few pins or boards in your account, Pinterest may have deleted it. Pinterest discourages adult contents, exploitation, hateful activities, misinformation, violence and like. So if your board contains any of these, Pinterest has the right to remove them. There are also some cases in which your board content is reported by a third party for spam or misuse of interest. Though it may not be true, Pinterest may take actions by deleting the reported content in your account.

  • The board may have been removed by the creator or you have left it

You may experience losing a group of boards at the same time. This is no accident. One of the possible reasons is the boards are already eliminated by the ones who created it. You may be asking if this is possible. The answer is yes. Creators have the right and capability of deleting boards. They can also make the board secret or change a group board to a one person board.

  • You may be using a different account

Are you missing a few boards in your account or does your account does not look the same as before? Then maybe, youunknowingly created a different account and that is what you are using at the moment. If this is the case, missing pins and boards are not a surprise.

  • Your account was hacked

Unfortunately, there is also a risk for your Pinterest account to be hacked. Once it happens, the hackers can have a complete access of your account and can easily manipulate all of its contents. They can remove some of your pins and boards without you knowing it and replace them with a spam content instead. This is the reason why using a strong password that would secure your account is a must.

  • Pinterest may be experiencing temporary glitch

System enhancements may cause temporary glitches to your pinterest account resulting to some pins or boards not showing up. To confirm this, try reloading your account at a later time to if there will be any changes.

Are there ways to recover missing boards?

More than learning the reasons why your boards are not showing, you are definitely mre interested to know if you could still get your missing boards back. Luckily, it is still possible to recover your missing boards depending on the reason they are not showing up. If any of these cause your missing boards, sad to say, retrieving them is nearly impossible.

  • The creator deleted it
  • Your account was hacked
  • Pinterest removed the content due to policy violations

But if the reason of your boards deletion is none of these, then there is hope. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps that may help you restore your boards.

1. Restoring a board from a group you left

If you have left a group whether by an accident or for a reason, one way you can get back is asking them to invite you again or send another request for them to let you join the group again. All you have to do is look for the board that you wish to join and press the “Request to Join” button which you can see next to “Follow” button.

2. Accidentally deleted accounts

Pinterest has a suggestion for those who have deleted their accounts accidentally. It is by bringing the board back by “Backup”. Backup are those board links you share and send through email or other social networking sites. To restore your board, go to your inbox, look for the link along with the name of the board. When you open this link, you will be prompted that it has been removed. Below that you can see the “Restore” button. Press it to get your boards back.

2. Restore a cached copy.

Here is another way. Open google. Look for your Pinterest username and your missing board or pin and see if it has a cached copy. If yes, then you are lucky.


As you can see, there are many possible ways for your account and all of its contents to disappear just like that. This is why keeping your account secured is always recommended. It is also a great idea to always keep a back up. Remember, it is always better to be safe than to regret later.